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(300-500 words)

  1. What is the most surprising lesson(s) you are walking away with from participating and engaging in this class?
  2. Which readings, activities, discussions, guest speakers, or service learning responsibilities do you feel best influenced your academic and personal growth?
  3. Would you recommend this class to other students? What would you say to them? How would you describe the benefits and challenges you experienced while participating in this course?

Reading: action=click&module=Opinion&pgtype=Homepage

Guest Speaker: attached below

philosophy statement: attached below


SSC 199 is an experiential learning opportunity designed to complement students’ academic responsibilities with service work as a way to identify and address community needs. Students will be introduced to general methods and concepts from social and behavioral sciences to develop a critical and collective understanding of Service Learning.

Guiding principles of Service Learning include: 1. Engagement in service activities with a selected community partner in a mutually beneficial relationship in the spirit of collaboration

2.Reflection on larger issues that affect communities through readings, journals, and a class presentation

3.Integration of community engagement and overall educational experience though a final project


This course will give students both a theoretical and practical understanding of service learning. The philosophy of

teaching and learning in this course recognizes that learning can be uncomfortable and challenging, personally and

intellectually. To meet the learning objectives of this course, students must be prepared to actively participate in each

class session. If you fully engage with readings, activities and assignments, by the end of the course, you will:

ï‚·Acquire knowledge of the history of service learning and community engagement

ï‚·Enhance yourself-awareness, self-efficacy, and personal effectiveness

ï‚·Further develop your critical thinking, communication and writing skills

ï‚·Respect and appreciate multiple ways of knowing and learning (i.e., arts based inquiry, meditation,discussion circles, etc.)

ï‚·Make a positive and lasting impact in the community

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