population health Management

Topic: population health Management
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Provide a summary of a current news article related to the concepts learned in your textbook and your coursework.
News Article summaries will be 500-750 words double spaced.
They will include a delineation of the most valuable points you learned in the article and tied back to your weekly readings and discussions.
You are required to submit your references in the last and APA formatted reference page. Please visit the Writing Resources under Course Home for help with APA.
You are also required to use properly formatted in-text citations and an APA title page.
Failure to use the parameters above means you will not get full points/credit.( population health management). please do not write anything about the affordable care act in this paper. Something happen this week.(this is the name of the book)
McAlearney, S.A. (2003).
Population health management: Strategies to improve outcomes.

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