Practicum Project Goals Objectives and Justification

Week 3 – Discussion
Practicum Project Goals Objectives and Justification
A project without a critical path is like a ship without a rudder. Daniel B. Meyer Illinois Construction Law
In Week 2 you collaborated with your practicum Faculty Member and Preceptor to identify a focus for your Practicum Project.
This week you begin to develop a Practicum Project Plan (PPP) which includes your overarching goal for the project and measurable objectives. The PPP incorporates a meaningful review of the literature and related standards to provide justification and support for the project. This Discussion provides a starting point for developing your written plan as indicated in Assignment 1 this week.
To prepare:
Reflect on the focus of your proposed Practicum Project which you identified through discussion with your practicum Faculty Member and Preceptor last week.
View the Practicum Project Plan (PPP) Overview document provided in this weeks Learning Resources. Consider the project planning guidelines included in the document as you prepare for this Discussion.
Address the following to help you develop your plan for the Practicum Project:
Contemplate any questions or concerns you may have about your Practicum Project or the planning involved. What kind of support could your colleagues offer to help you move forward?
Note: Be mindful of privacy concerns as you engage in this and future Discussions. Do not identify any organizations or individuals by name.
By tomorrow 3/14/17 Post a minimum of 550 words in APA format with at least 3 references (see list below) which include the level one headers as numbered below:
1) A description of your proposed Practicum Project.
2) Provide a brief rationale for your selected focus that incorporates references from the literature specialization standards regulatory standards and/or other sources you have used to validate this project.
3) Explain the overarching project goal and list two or three measurable objectives that will help you meet the goal. Also share any questions or concerns that your colleagues may be able to help you address as you proceed with planning for your Practicum Project.
Required Readings
Reminder: Review resources from previous courses as necessary.
McCurry M. K. Hunter Revell S. M. & Roy S. C. (2010). Knowledge for the good of the individual and society: Linking philosophy disciplinary goals theory and practice. Nursing Philosophy 11(1) 4252.Note: Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
The authors address the use of middle-range theories to translate knowledge into practice and achieve nursings goal of promoting the individual and common good.
Armstrong P. (2013). Bloom’s taxonomy. Retrieved from
Vanderbilt University provides this overview of Blooms taxonomy. This site also presents the original and updated versions of the taxonomy along with verb suggestions for each level.
Clark D. (2013). Blooms taxonomy of learning domains. Retrieved from
This article addresses three domains of learning: cognitive affective and psychomotor.
University of Central Florida Office of Experiential Learning (n.d.). Writing SMART learning objectives Retrieved from
This blog post focuses on the distinction between learning outcomes and objectives. Consider this information as you develop your practicum professional development objectives this week.
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Center for Teaching & Learning. (2013). Writing objectives using Bloom’s taxonomy. Retrieved from
This resource outlines elements of Blooms Taxonomy.
McKimm J. & Swanwick T. (2009). Setting learning objectives. British Journal of Hospital Medicine 70(7) 406409.Note: Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
This article clarifies the terminology associated with learning objectives and explains how learning objectives relate to professional development and the transformation from novice to expert. It also introduces common pitfalls when setting learning objectives and provides suggestions for avoiding them.
Boulos M. N. K. & Berry G. (2012). Real-time locating systems (RTLS) in healthcare: a condensed primer. International journal of health geographics 11(1) 25.

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