Question 1 (Due Friday)I am stakeholder in a Fortune 50 company. You will need to build a business case demonstrating why the project is needed in one of those Fortune 50 companies that you selected and what the benefits of the project will be when completed.Sections that are usually required in a business case are:1. Executive Summary2. Introduction3. Statement of the problem4. Analysis5. Discussion of Possible Options·         The benefits: why it would be a good idea to do it, including how far it addresses the problem;·         The costs, including resource requirements. It’s often helpful to include figures and graphs here;·         The likely time-scale for the project, and to see a return on the investment, with reasons; and·         The risks, both of doing it, and that might prevent successful implementation.As far as possible, these should be realistic, and preferably supported by solid data. Where you have estimated, this should be based on a reasonable source, which you should cite if possible.6. Recommendation7. Details of your Chosen OptionQuestion 2 (Due Thursday)Identify a company on the Internet that use at least two mode of transporting goods.Determine the cost factors (distance, weight, and destiny) that may influence the cost of goods.Does the company have warehousing for their goods (Is it for general or distribution)?Make sure you provide source(s).Question 3 (Due Monday)See research article attached (Prejudice From Thin Air)Identify in the article:What type of control techniques used?If any what are the counterbalancing, participant and experimental effects


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