Risx exposure to Formaldehyde in healthcare institutions/ or settings

Project description
Critically evaluate the impacts of a named pollutant (occupational or environmental).
It is expected that you will give a broad view of your subject giving weight to any policy, regulatory, economic, environmental or risk management impacts – where appropriate for your topic.
The Submission must be 3000 words or less.
This limit does NOT include References (at least 25 references) or Appendices.
Suggested Topic: Risk exposure to formaldehyde in healthcare institution
Some advice and guidance on the Core Module essay
The essay is an exercise to test students ability to
• Identify and collect information on a specific topic of their choice.
• From that information to identify the most authoritative and reliable sources for that topic
• Then to identify differences between those authorities
• Then to identify differences between those authorities and the cause of those differences.
• Those differences are then critically examined and the reasoning of the authors considered.
Note that no marks are awarded for the title, or the subject – because no subject/title is more important than any other.
Note also that all research has a differing opinions even on the same topic, since there will be differences in data cohort, its method of collection, the instruments used to collect it and the statistical tests used to analyse it.
There is no specified layout for the essay, but to show logical reasoning the writer needs to ensure that the essay covers what’s important about the topic, definitions of terminology (where necessary), the main categories within the topic (often with subheadings) and any conclusions.
Marks are awarded for
o The quality and level of the material presented – simple statements at “newspaper level” are clearly not of the quality of material produced in peer-reviewed publications
o A suitable and logical progression or development of ideas
o A review of the most authoritative available literature on the topic
o An analysis and discussion of the reviewed material
o Conclusions properly reached from the material examined and criticized
o Literary style and grammar. Style should be academic, not conversational.
o Students whose first language is not English might wish to have it proofread by a native English speaker.
o Presentation – large blocks of text tend to lose the thread of the argument. Sometimes graphs, charts and illustrations can present an idea better than complex text and they do not count towards the word limit
o Citation & Referencing – Do not make statements of ‘fact’ without a citation.
o Citations must be in the Harvard style (date-author.
o If you wish to know how to cite in text and to reference, here is a link to the Anglia Ruskin University site which explains it in a straightforward fashion with examples.
Note that the items in green are those with the largest mark values and should therefore occupy the largest parts of your essay.
Iosh and any related agency and organization
IRAC new articles are highly preferred
CDC/ Niosh
Suggested references to be used:
Formaldehyde References:
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