Rotating Wall Vessel (RWV) Bioreactors

Project description
The essay should include:
1. Introduction to the relevance of Rotating Wall Vessel bioreactor. (200 words)
2. Background to the topic encompassing : (500 words)
• Clinical principles,
• Engineering principles
• Biological principles
3. Description of the System (200 words)
4. Description of the Rotating Wall Vessel (RWV) bioreactors designs (800 words)
• Design details – engineering
• Design details – biology
• Parameters for Rotating Wall Vessel Bioreactor Design.
5. Advantages and disadvantages of this bioreactor (200 words)
6. Experimental data supporting their use of this design (This point is asking you to describe examples where a bioreactor of this design has been used and provide examples for example: “Cardiovascular Cell and Tissue Growth” and “Bone and cartilage Tissue Engineering”…..etc.) (400 words)
7. Potential for exploitation in the regenerative medicine community (This point is asking you to describe the potential of this bioreactor in medical application for example: Tissue Engineering, Cell Engineering, Medical Researches….etc.) (400 words)
8. Cost aspect (150 words)
9. Manufacturing aspect (150 words)
10. Conclusion (100 words)
Please, put in this essay figures/illustrations (At least 5 Illustrations)

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