senior Capstone Project

senior Capstone Project
Case Study scenario:
You are the head strength coach for a small NCAA Division II College. Use the web to view your school choices – choose an actual school. You are responsible for designing a year round weight room schedule for all sports at your college. Present this schedule along with weight room guidelines and staff schedule for Athletic Director approval. Also, develop strength training programs for 2 major men’s sports and 2 major female sports. You may only choose one gender for a particular sport for example, men’s or women’s basketball, men’s or women’s soccer, men’s or women’s volleyball, etc. Baseball and softball are considered similar in training and both cannot be used. The strength-training program must provide clear team and individual position objectives. It must include a summer program and an in season program. No additional offseason program is necessary. Remember to consider the athletes who do not have access to weight room equipment during the summer or are injured and insure modifications are present. Strength training programs must abide by the current ACSM(American College of Sports Medicine )guidelines. Each program must be able to be presented and accessible to players and coaches in a yearly spring meeting after all post conference play is complete.

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