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  1. What beautiful Lady of Grace arrived from Paradise (“the place I am longing to return to”) to ask assistance for Dante’s journey?
    The Virgin Mary
    Lucia (St. Lucy)


  1. What teacher/poet was born “sub Julio,” during the reign of Julius Ceasar?


  1. When Dante speaks to Francesca and Paolo, who “[leave] the flock where Dido is” to talk to him, what do they tell him about love?
    Love is dangerous, and led them straight to sudden death together
    Love and the memory of love is the only thing that keeps life in Hell bearable
    To follow the commandment to Love One Another is the only hope for a poor soul’s salvation
    Dante must keep the image of his One True Love firmly in mind, in order to escape the terror of Hell


  1. What is the last line of the words inscribed on a ledge above the gate to Hell?
    Abandon Every Hope, All You Who Enter
    Repent Before It Is Too Late
    This Way to Hell
    Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori


  1. TRUE or FALSE: Dante sees Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle in Hell


  1. Before the pilgrim, Dante, shows up–has anyone in Hell ever been able to leave and “go to bliss?”
    Only a few — Adam, Noah, David, Moses, and very few others.
    Nobody. Ever. Seriously.
    Many people — those who serve out their punishments for their earthly wrong-doings can have, after centuries, moved on to Purgatory, to work their way toward Salvation.


  1. TRUE OR FALSE: Dante sees Gilgamesh, Enkidu, and Sappho in Hell


  1. What feature stands out most about Charon, the old Ferryman?
    His weeping (“tongue confused, a language strained in anguish”)
    His wounds (“made their faces run with blood in streaks”)
    His eyes (“glowing coals” / “glowing wheels of fire”)
    His transparency (“one grown faint / perhaps of too much silence”)


  1. TRUE OR FALSE: Dante sees Homer, Ovid, and Horace in Hell.


  1. TRUE OR FALSE: Dante sees Cleopatra, Tristan, and Helen of Troy in Hell

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