I have a Stakeholder Assessment Matrix Template . I need from you to copy each stakeholder and place it on the appropriate location of the matrix based on your research about PepsiCo

the clarification of the Template:

1. Stakeholder impact on Company:

How much can this stakeholder impact the decisions/activities/ operations of PepsiCo? How big is their power ( directly or indirectly)?

2. company Impact on Stakeholder:

how much can PepsiCo’s decisions/ activities / operations impact ( positively pt negatively) the stakeholder?

Stakeholders are:

1. Competitors                  6. Government

2.  Suppliers                        7. Employees

3.  Media                               8. Customer

4.  NGOs                                9. Shareholders

5. Local Community          



Ranking and Explanation: Based on the Stakeholder Assessment Matrix you will identify the top 5 stakeholders in terms of importance. Using the table in the assignment report template you will provide a short paragraph explaining your assessment. You will need to refer to your research and cite the sources (e.g. Company CSR Report) for each stakeholder.

here are some website that can use it for research part:

1. PepsiCo Financial Report

2.  PepsiCo Sustainability/CSR Reports

3. PepsiCo website

use MLA to the citations 

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