Sustainable Engineering

Sustainable Engineering
Paper instructions:
Read the attached article found on the website about “Engineers and Sustainable Development”  (also found in the Resources section of Sakai)……
1. In a “no more than” one-page memo….Summarize the key concepts of Sustainable Engineering
2. Prepare a “no more than” 5 or 6 slide Powerpoint presentation describing a “sustainable civil engineering project” that you have found online or in the literature.  Make sure you describe the overall project and the aspects that make it sustainable….with lots of pictures.  These projects might be buildings, transportation systems, water/wastewater systems, and/or others.
Use internet search engines like google or bing, google scholar, ASCE magazine (they have quite a few articles), and library journal search resources.
Be prepared to discuss your “sustainable project” in class
Sikhism: This religion believes in one spirit. Their main significant aim is to find the reality. It is thought that a spirit is being able to progress religiously through practicing the chief beliefs whilst living a standard life. The perception of livelihood encircles to carry out honorable, societal and principled liability for the person to develop the truth and as well as the progression of the person’s spirit via rebirth. Their belief in rebirth is that the personal spirit approaches and departs as per the stability of its karmic actions, optimistic and harmful. Health and healing are directly related to spirituality and this presents is a complex relation involving mind, body and spirit. They believe that the human body is a shrine to render the spirit and one’s relationship with divinity. Critical components of healing are meditation and prayers. Prayer provides control, fearlessness, trust, and understanding and acceptance of illness. They use herbs and other alternative therapies along with the western medicines.(Campbell, 2006).
Majority of the Sikhs wear Turbans. As a healthcare provider we have to be cautious not to remove the turban from the head and also shave the hair which both of them are considered as sacred. Therefore, consent must be obtained before trimming or shaving the hair and privacy to be provided for the removal of the Turban. They seek same sex healthcare providers. The healthcare providers should not handle their prayer books without washing the hands and should provide privacy to offer prayers and meditation. They should not question about the sexual issues as it is considered as confidential. They also believe in natural death (Singh, 2009).
Christianity: Christians believe in the Holy Trinity of one God. The effect of evil doing on the spirit and body and on a individual’s bond with God is focused on healing. From a Christian perspective, spiritual care deals with issues of religious and spiritual care. They believe the grace of God can heal both body and soul. Health care professionals are considered in the place of God in healing process. There are extremely few limitations on health treatment for improving physical well-being, provided they do not assist or bring injury to the client.( Singh, 2009).
The personality of Christian spirituality varies from other religious society in terms of the prevailing mediator along with the predictable sacred issues. One way of learning about spiritual health care is to advance medical treatment that will require acquiring disparity in a multifaith framework. The combination and involvement of Christians concerned with maintenance and promotion of health endeavors for exclusive results within a multifaith framework.
Conclusion: There has been an increasing admiration of the liability of health care professionals providing spiritual and cultural competent care. It is essential for health care professionals to develop an internal freedom to provide spiritual care and to seek spiritual relationship among diverse faith and cultural traditions. Healthcare practitioners must not only identify and assess patients spiritual needs they must also offer healing interventions. This includes consideration of patients’ spirituality when making medical decisions. It is important to develop the trusting relationship between the patient and the healthcare provider. It is also important for the healthcare providers to recognize their own beliefs and values as it may help them to identify others beliefs. Being non-judgmental has been seen as a vital to delivering spiritual care. They advocate the need for a spiritual care. It is essential for the health care providers to be conscious that every person is religious and may seek spiritual care sometimes in their life.
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