The role of Medical Radiations in sports medicine

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Investigation Topics
1. The role of Medical Radiations in sports medicine ?
After some initial research, students may choose to focus their investigation further. For example:
Topic 1?‘The role of Medical Radiations in sports medicine’
could become
The role of Medical Radiations in the diagnosis and treatment of ACL injuries
All topics use imaging and/or treatment applications from at least two streams of the Medical Radiations Program and therefore all investigation submissions must include discussion of at least two of the three streams of Medical Radiations.
Stream = ( Medical Imaging, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy )
So you now further focus your questions What is the role of (Stream) and (Stream) in the diagnosis and treatment of ACL injuries?
Word Limit:
1400 Words ± 70 words. The word count includes all words in the assignment, excluding your reference list. You must write the word count at the end of your assignment before your reference list
This essay requires referencing in the APA style, with full in-text referencing. References should be from high quality information sources such as government web sites (if you want statistical information such as cancer statistics which is useful to justify the importance of your topic), peer-reviewed journals or from text- books, in particular those that are highly relevant to the MRS profession and the Australian context.

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