The student must demonstrate the ability to research and write effectively on a topic in medical ethics

Format: Typed double-spaced and titled with1 inch margins all around; Times New Roman font size 12 stapled. Number every page. Thetextof the paper should be5pages in length. The text should be written in the third person. Every source of information used in the paper must be appropriately attributed and cited in APA format. For APA information consult the links posted on Moodle or the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) at
1. Content and Research: Begin byinformingyourself about some of the current topics in bioethics and the resources that are available for researching topics in bioethics. There are many resources that explore these issues from the disciplines of medicine nursing law philosophy religion economics history politics and others. When you search on the Internet look for information at appropriate websites; i.e. non-commercial sites that have no particular vested interest in promoting a particular viewpoint. Some commercial sites are useful if they provide links to quality sites or summaries of information. But in the bioethics arena you must be alert to identifying and discerning special interest biases when you search on the Internet. Do not overlook the library! There are many excellent books written on bioethics topics readily available in Kresge Library Rochester Hills Public Library and other local public libraries.
2. Once you have a feel for what you might be interested in further exploringselectan ethical dilemma from the list below. Select the topic as early as possible so that you have adequate time to research the topic in general and think about the ethical and legal issues involved.
3.Researchthe current literature (e.g. books and peer-reviewed articles) on the legal and bioethical issues involved.You will need tociteat least five sources of research in your paper.Select a minimum of three peer-reviewed professional/ scholarly journal articlesrelevant to your topic todeepenyour knowledge of the ethical dilemma.
4. Now conduct ananalysisof the dilemma by: 1) applying three of the major moral principles (NOT ethical theories) learned in class and explained in your text book to this dilemma; and 2) determining a solution to the dilemma.
In your paper you willdescribethe bioethical dilemma in the factual situation andinformthe reader of any necessary factual background.Definethe key terms used in the analysis anddiscussthe alternative points of view on the dilemma using the bioethics and legal principles learned in class.Focusonthree moral principlesassociated with the dilemma. (It is not necessary to describe the dilemma using every principle discussed in class.) HINT: Discuss the dilemma with classmates and others to help you formulate your analysis. The paper will conclude with your viewpoint onhow to resolvethe dilemma based on the research and application of the moral principles.
Evaluation: The Case Analysis will be evaluated on: (a) yourunderstandingof the bioethical and legal principles involved; (b) evidence of information literacy by being acritical consumerand user of the informed literature in presenting your analysis; (c) evidence ofcritical thinkingskills through appropriate drawing of conclusions; (d) evidence of evaluation and discussion of therelevanceof findings; and (e) evidence of effectivecommunicationskills in the written case analysis. Specifically the following items will be evaluated in grading the Case Analysis:
Yourwriting: Punctuation grammar spelling organization professional style of writing length of paper and referencing technique; and thecontent:Accurate and appropriate information from refereed and quality sources completeness appropriate choice of ethical arguments no inclusion of superfluous or repetitive information integration of information appropriate depth thorough and well-grounded analysis and well-supported arguments for students point of view.

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