The theoretical part of the course work

course workA well-written theoretical part of the course work takes up a solid amount of research and covers the essence of the problem under consideration.

It makes sense to start writing the theoretical part of the coursework by collecting and analyzing literature, as well as drawing up a preliminary plan-content of the study.

When choosing sources to work on your coursework, stick to the principles of rationality. This means that sources should not be small. Even if the main part of your research is the practical part, pay attention to working with articles and monographs on the topic – this will add scientific value to your work.

Yet, getting too carried away and including a huge number of sources in the list of references is also not worth it. Choose only those books and articles that are related to your course project and are closest in content to the topic you are disclosing.

By the way, in reviews of term papers, it is the excessive overload with unnecessary data and the irrelevance of information that are the most common reasons for criticism.

As a rule, for the preparation of a theoretical chapter, students have enough 3 – 5 main sources, monographs and up to 10 books and articles that will help to reveal individual points.

In order not to get too carried away and not to overload the theory with unnecessary material, it makes sense to draw up a work plan. In the preliminary content of the coursework, it makes sense to include all the key points and preliminary plan the title of chapters and paragraphs.

Issues in a theoretical part of the course work:

  • Basic concepts and terms and their clarification;
  • The history of the study of the problem considered in the course project;
  • Study of existing controversial scientific opinions on the topic;
  • Assessment of the degree of research of the topic;
  • Formulation of one’s own opinion on the problem under study, proposing methods for its solution.

The last point will make it possible to justify the transition to the practical part of the course work, if any.

course workRequirements when writing a theoretical part

After studying all the theory on your chosen topic, try to analyze it, rework it and write your own opinion, supported by links to authoritative sources. By the way, it is recommended to put links immediately writing the text, and not returning to them at the stage of proofreading and editing. So, the writer will save time and he will not have to revise the literature and remember where this or that quote came from.

When quoting, use indirect speech whenever possible. This approach will make the text more meaningful, compact, and will help the author of the coursework to better understand the issue under study.

Avoid copying chunks of text – so your work will not only lack scientific novelty and value, but it will not pass the anti-plagiarism test.

On the contrary, the material analyzed and passed through the prism of your thinking will allow you to discover some new connections and patterns, and this in turn will help you draw logical conclusions. The theoretical part of the course work is its scientific basis, the basis for practical research, which often determines the research value of the entire project.


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