this is the assignment for my psych 101..this is what the teacher wants please follow his instructions very well. and write what u learned from the videos.Thank you! please i need an A..Dear Students,Here is your alternative assignment:TED Talks provide a platform for some of the most innovative minds on the planet to discuss their areas of expertise in ways that are easy to understand. There are a number of talks related to psychology and you are to watch three of them from the link below and write a paragraph about each talk. In your paragraph, please don’t summarize the video. I have seen them all and I know what they are about. Instead, please tell me what you learned from them and/or ways you think they are related to ideas and concepts we’re discussing in class. The due date for the assignment is November 20th in class, however, you may submit it earlier if you wish.I very much hope you enjoy the talks. I find them enlightening and inspiring and I hope you do, too. fun!


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