Two Types Of Power

Topic: Two types of power

Type of paper: Coursework

Discipline: Health Care and Life Sciences

Format or citation style: APA

Review the types of power listed on pages 111-113 (Sullivan, E. J. (2018). Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing (9th ed.). London, England: Pearson.)

Discuss the powers that you use consistently.  Look at the list again and choose one power that you would like to develop.  Describe how you can develop that power

Power used consistently #5. Referent power

Power I would like to develop #4. Expert power

Note – this discussion post should be based on the viewpoint of a neuro-surgery floor nurse or pediatric nurse.

Post must be at least 275 words, must address all areas of the topic, must be supported by the readings and outside sources. Use at least 2 references.  References should be in proper APA format (with the exception of hanging indent on references).

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