Understanding Literature for Evidence Based Practice

Order DescriptionAssessment 2
Graded: Summative Assessment
Weighting: 30%
Length: 1500 words
Due Date: See the Statement of Assessment Methods or Key Dates for further information.
Submit at: Assessment 2: Appraisal Tools – 1,500 word limit
Choose one article :
1 Hudson PL, Kristjanson LJ, Ashby M, Kelly B, Schofield P, Hudson R, Aranda S, O’Connor M, Street A. Desire for hastened death in patients with advanced disease and the evidence base of clinical guidelines: a systematic review. Palliat Med. 2006 Oct;20(7):693-701. (available in eJournals)
2 Vasse E, Vernooij-Dassen M, Spijker A, Rikkert MO, Koopmans R. A systematic review of communication strategies for people with dementia in residential and nursing homes. Int Psychogeriatr. 2010 Mar;22(2):189-200. Epub 2009 Jul 29. Review. (available in eJournals)
3 Olav Lindqvist, Carol Tishelman, Carina Lundh Hagelin, Jean B. Clark, Maria L. Daud, Andrew Dickman, Franzisca Domeisen Benedetti, Maren Galushko, Urska Lunder, Gunilla Lundquist, Guido Miccinesi, Sylvia B. Sauter, Carl Johan F?rst, Birgit H. Rasmussen, on behalf of OPCARE9 Complexity in Non-Pharmacological Caregiving Activities at the End of Life: An International Qualitative Study, PLOS Medicine / Public Library of Science. 9(2): DOI:10.1371/journal.pmed. 1001173, February 14, 2012 (freely available online)?
Now, choose ONE check list/appraisal tool for your chosen paper from this site:
https://www.casp-uk.net/ (last accessed 17 May 2016)
1 Justify why you have chosen this particular appraisal tool
2 Answer all questions.
3 Submit your completed appraisal tool into the drop box
Please note: This is an academic paper and should be written from third person perspective.
Elements Pass Credit Distinction High Distinction
Demonstrates knowledge of the pertinent issues involved (30%) Adequate demonstration of knowledge about issue involved. Sound knowledge demonstrated. Advanced knowledge demonstrated. Depth and width of advanced knowledge demonstrated to a high degree, combined with original and creative thinking.
Justification of appraisal tool (30%) Superficial, discussion of match between article and appraisal tool. Sound discussion of methodological match between article and appraisal tool Wide range of appropriate evidence and discussion of methodological match between article and appraisal tool. Comprehensive discussion of match between article and appraisal tool.
Answers all questions with reference to the literature (30%) Contains statement of opinion with little analysis or supporting evidence.
Opinions argued and backed with analytical, logical argument and some evidence. Opinions expressed and backed with analytical, logical argument and wide range of appropriate evidence. Opinions expressed clearly and concisely, supported by creative, analytical and logical argument.
Grammar, spelling, writing skills, referencing (10%) Adequate. Sound use of these, enabling clarity of expression. Very good; high level of expression. Excellence in clarity and creativity of written expression.

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