Weight management is based on the relationship between the number of calories consumed (calories in) and the number of calories burned (calories out).

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Weight management is based on the relationship between the number of calories consumed (calories in) and the number of calories burned (calories out). On any given day one of three things can happen:
Weight management is accomplished by the deliberate application of one of these situations over a period of time. For example if your goal is to lose weight you will need to consistently take in fewer calories than you use. This can be accomplished by decreasing the number of calories coming in (i.e. dieting) increasing the number of calories going out (i.e. exercising) or a combination of the two. Your weight management strategy is the actual steps you intend to take to accomplish your personal goals.
Assessing progress is an essential part of any weight management strategy as it provides feedback regarding the strategys effectiveness. Successful monitoring can take a variety of forms. Simple monitoring techniques include regular weigh-ins conscious food choices or a look in the mirror. Other techniques require additional time or energy but often provide more detailed information. These techniques include assessing body mass index (BMI) calculating a waist-hip circumference ratio and a full body composition analysis. While the concept might appear simple many individuals can attest to the fact that maintaining a weight management strategy can be difficult.
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With these thoughts in mind:
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Posta brief description of the article you selected. Explain your weight management strategy and how the factor discussed in the article may impact your strategy. Finally explain how you might address the factor.
Each year 43% of American women and 28% of American men try to lose weight (Serdula et al. 1999). One of the Healthy People 2020s goals is to reduce the obesity population to 31% but the rate is rising instead of falling. Obesity is a worldwide problem with 65% of the worlds population living in countries where obesity-related health problems kill more people than underweight health issues (World Health Organization 2011). Despite the rise in obesity many people strive for unrealistic thinness in response to pressure from peers and a society obsessed with appearance.
Just as excessive body fat can be unhealthy too little body fat can also compromise health. The minimum level of body fat needed to maintain good health varies among individuals and depends on gender and genetics. Infertility depression and early death are among the possible outcomes of excessive and unsafe weight loss.
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Using the Fitness Activity Instructions and Worksheet complete the following activities:
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Using the Fitness Activity Instructions and Worksheet complete the following activities:
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