what atrocities took place at Wounded Knee history

According to Black Elk what atrocities took place at Wounded Knee? How did President Harrison describe these atrocities?
According to Black Elk the atrocities that took place at Wounded Knee was a lot of killing of Natives. Soldiers killed and wounded many women children old men and little babies. They used wagon guns which tore some bodies to pieces. The soldiers typically shot at the unarmed Natives while they attempted to flee.
According to President Harrisons description the killing of the natives was crucial to protect and save the life of the settlers. Harrison stated that the victims deserved the atrocities handed out at them. President Harrison posited that the Natives were naturally warlike and troublesome. He credited the soldiers for defeating the enemies with the least possible loss of life.
2.Whom did Black Elk blame for the Wounded Knee Massacre? Whom did Harrison blame?
Black Elk blamed the soldiers for the Wounded Knee Massacre. The soldiers had shot at the freezing starving and disarmed Natives. Then the soldiers collected weapons of the victims and as a result rendered them unable to protect themselves. Which made it was easy to execute the victims because a large number of them were women children and the elderly. Out of the 400 natives only 100 were warriors.
President Harrison blamed the Natives for the massacre. He said that the natives were naturally warlike and turbulent. Furthermore their medicine men and chiefs had deceived them that the soldiers were enemies and that they could defeat them through fighting. According to Harrison the massacre was an act of self-defense by the soldiers.
3.According to President Harrison what was the future of Native Americans? How did Black Elk vision of the future compare to Harrisons vision?
According to President Harrison the acts of the soldiers would benefit the future Native Americans. He posited that there was likely to be enlarged wealth from the converting waste lands into farms. He also posited that there would be betterment of families through renewed hope and courage in owning homes and ideal subsistence under free and healthful conditions.
Contrary to President Harrison Black Elk wanted revenge for the massacre. He saw the massacre as offensive and outrageous. Black Elk hoped that one day the natives would fight back.

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