Alcohol and Drugs

The controversy that surrounds the legalization of marijuana as a medicine or for personal use continues to be a topic for debate at the state and federal levels within our country.
Will the new AG against any legalization and most medical use be successful in overturning state laws regarding cannabis. Should we rekindle the war on drugs? Just say no! Did this work mantra work?
Illinois passed a strict medical exceptionality bill on May 17 2013 exactly one month after the same action by the Illinois House the Illinois Senate voted 35-21 to pass House Bill 1 the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act. Governor Quinn has since signed the bill. Illinois is the 20th state (plus D.C.) to allow for the use of cannabis for medical purposes in some circumstances.
In 2012 the city of Chicago passed a decriminalization statute supported by most of the cities aldermen council voted 43-3 in favor of the measure which was backed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Cannabis is now decriminalized across the state.
Discuss your views regarding this controversy. Include the differentiation between legalization decriminalization and medical exceptionality.
Do you agree or disagree with the recent legislation in Illinois?
Given the fiscal state of Illinois should be consider legalization. What are the pros and cons of this decision.
Are there parallels between the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s and the prohibition of cannabis today? What are the similarities and differences?Is marijuana really harmful and addictive compared to other drugs both illegal and prescription? Cannabis is still a schedule one drug. Does this make sense to you? Does cannabis help bring relief to those who are sick? Alright most would concedethat it is prescribedas medication for most any illness in some states but are there legitimate uses?

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