Apply Your Knowledge Of Analysis Tools When Working With Groups

Last week, you determined the root cause(s) of the problem you are trying to resolve for your final paper. As a reminder, the decision you are working on is the one that you selected in week two.

This week, you will determine the solution(s) for your decision. Review the analysis tools that were covered this week. Be sure to review the resources provided on this week’s overview. Also, read the narrative on the lecture page.


Select two of the analysis tools that were presented in this week’s overview and lecture. Provide a detailed explanation of how each tool is used (use separate paragraphs for each tool).

Also, discuss a time when you have used each tool for a business-related decision. In addition, explain how the tools were helpful for you when making those decisions. There should be a thorough explanation for each tool. Also, use separate paragraphs for each tool.

If you have not used one (or both) of the tools, explain how you could have used them. For the business-related problem that you are discussing, what did you do instead of using an analysis tool? If you had used, analysis tools, would the outcome have been better? Why? Your answers should be substantive to properly address the questions.

In addition, discuss which analysis tool you will likely use for your final paper and why you chose that tool. Your answer should be included in a separate paragraph.

Your assignment should be at least 1.5 pages in length (single spaced) excluding resources. Use one-inch margins and a standard font size (11-12).


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