The book discusses several applications of working memory in academic and clinical  contexts. For example, working memory spans are highly correlated to  performance in school. We also learned how individuals dealing with  certain clinical disorders show consistent trends in their phonological  loop, visuospatial sketchpad, and central executive spans. After  reviewing these findings, I want you to come up with another application of working memory.Search the internet for a media or scientific article about  how working memory is related to some particular ability, behavior, or  skill. You can also think of your own idea of an area/domain in which  you believe working memory might be important and then search online to  see if you find support for it. For example, here is an article about : Working Memory and Learning in Children (Links to an external site.).The article YOU find must NOT be about anyacademic ability(such as schooling or intelligence) orclinical disordersdiscussed in the book (i.e., ADHD, MDD, or Anxiety).I want you to find a novel application that wasnot considered in the bookand then complete the following:1. Paragraph 1: Summarize the article you found. Make sure your summary answers the following two questions:What skill/ability/behavior does it discuss as associated with working memory?How does working memory contribute to this skill/ability/behavior ?2. Paragraph 2: Answer the following: What working memory component  (i.e., phonological loop, visuospatial sketchpad, or central executive)  seems to be most important for the application you found? Why? This response could be based on information in the article or your  own predictions given what you learned about each working memory  component. Be sure to explain your answer.Be sure to Include the link that that article you found.

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