Eating Disorders Among Athletes

To complete this 20 pt assignment, you must first have completed the following:
Secured 10 valid, peer/scholarly-reviewed references
Read and start annotations for the final 5 references
Once these 2 steps are complete, write the first draft of your AB conclusion using material from all 10 references. A Conclusion consists of the following:
Statements that bring the research together to form a general consensus or ?current state of the research topic?
No in-text references are needed in the conclusion but rather the general answers to your research question/topic specifically
Ends with general recommendations for future research in the topic area
the Conclusion is typically 1/2 to 3/4 page long only
Followed by a complete list of the 10 selected references in alphabetical order (regardless of the order of the annotations in the paper) in the final section of the AB called ?Bibliography?
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Once complete, place in the Module 6 assignment dropbox (conclusion 8 pts; bibliography in proper APA style 12 pts).
Eating Disorders Among Athletes
Eating disorders are detrimental because the individuals who experience them are less likely to be able to perform the daily work activities they require in addition to the recreational activities they desire (Greene, 2013). Therefore, when athletes have eating disorders, their ability to train for their respective athletic competitions and to compete effectively is reduced. In spite of this problem, many athletes have eating disorders (Bratland-Sanda, & Sundgot-Borgen, 2013). Since these individuals are constantly in the eyes of the public, they feel increased pressure to achieve idealized appearances (Muller, Claes, Wos, Kerling, Wunsch-Leiteritz, Cook, & de Zwaan, 2015). Furthermore, this is an issue that plagues both male and female athletes, although eating disorders among female athletes are more common.
Since eating disorders among athletes is a common issue, it is important for coaches and physicians who work with athletes to understand how to help prevent the people they work with from developing this health concern (Thiemann, Legenbauer, Vocks, Platen, Auyeung, & Herpertz, 2015). In addition, if it does occur, it is beneficial for these professionals to understand how to recognize signs that are related to eating disorders so they can help the athletes get the assistance they need (Joy, Kussman, & Nattiv, & 2016). Not only will this help these individuals continue to perform well in their competitive events, these athletes will also be able to complete for longer durations in their career as a result of an increased health. Therefore, it is beneficial to present this issue in depth so that all parties involved with athletes are aware of the signs and symptoms of eating disorders, in addition to what they can do to help individuals who are at risk for this health issue.
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