Elderly Health Challenges – Health Promotion Project

Identify a health issue affecting (or putting at risk) elderly members of the community.
2) Develop a health promotion intervention to enhance knowledge amongst the elderly population in Singapore relation to the chosen topic.
3) Identify the educational intervention proposed based on a recognised need in a community or nationally (education session, brochures etc)
4) Identify an elderly target group and where /how the target group will be sourced.
5) Research literature to support the proposal, providing statistics and comparative material identified from good quality academic sources
6) Plan the intervention – give detail as to where the work will take place and what format /structure it will take
7) Identify resources required to support the proposal including, staffing, training, equipment, cost etc
8) Evaluate the intervention
Write in these subheading :
*Introduction – Clear and relevant with clear objectives – e.g. What does this paper hope to achieve, why and how?
*Background, significance and planned project – Describes how the project has been identified. Identify a community need/national need and support by local statistics if available as well as comparisons to work in other places particularly Australia. Has the need for intervention been identified by a health professional /members of the multidisciplinary team; expressed by a particular group that already exists or a comparative observation that a particular health promotion work is available in some areas of the community/nation but not in another.Describe target group – and where you will source this group. Rationale and evidence for project – supported by literature
*Intervention – Describes how project will be implemented & promoted to target Community : This should consider the detail of the planned intervention, talks, brochures, education sessions etc, how often and where etc. Will there be advance surveying, focus groups, questionnaires, advertising etc. How will the sessions for example be planned and delivered. Include how other health professionals could be involved in the project: identify key partners that need to be involved, consider training that may be required, consider voluntary and support groups. How will you liaise and network these groups. Resources: Consider briefly the resources your may need to support your work – community resources such as location for the work and availability throughout the period of the work. Availability of telephones, computers etc Consider and recognise that this may involve costs for rental etc and that there may be staffing costs etc . You do not need to do a costing but identify the resources that you may need.
*Evaluation – What do you hope to achieve in the project? Explain the expected value of the work and whether you anticipate the work being expanded. How will you identify if there is a behaviour change etc . How will you evaluate the work you have done – follow up survey, focus group?

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