Essay: Matching our ideas about community with community work models.(including.appendices and bibliography)Susan Kenny (2011: 85) states that “For community development, the integration of theory and practice brings together our theoretical understandings of how society works, and our vision of how we would like it to work, with specific strategies and tasks”.How would you define an ‘ideal’ local community (eg. a geographic community such as a neighbourhood, suburb or village)?  What approach or model of community work would best achieve this aim and how?Assessment CriteriaThe paper will be assessed according to the following criteria:Clear definition and explanation of your view of an ideal community.Demonstrates a good understanding of a community work model or approach and how it would help to achieve the idea community.Critical analysis of the community work model in relation to the tensions, debates and wider theoretical issues in contemporary society.Quality of writing and presentation (eg. spelling, grammar, punctuattion and presentation).Correct Referencing (minimum of five academic references, consistent use of a  reference system, preferably APA6th).


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