ethical issue and assess it in light of the religious ethos

Research Paper : For your final research paper (6-7 pages, typed and double-spaced) you are to write a paper in which you identify a particular ethical issue and assess it in light of the religious ethos which is found in Christianity, Islam, Judaism or Buddhism. It is recommended that you work with a single religious tradition, to keep the paper from becoming too ambitious. In order to ensure that you are stretching into a religious world unfamiliar to you, it is expected that you will choose a religious tradition to examine which is not your own.
Ethical issues you may consider concentrating on: immigration, the environment, the media, women’s rights, global sex trade, human rights, treatment of animals, economic justice, urban poverty, welfare reform, affluence, civil society, race relations, education, medicine, terrorism, war, revolution, the developing world, third-world debt, a particular business or industry (e.g., Walmart, tobacco, alcohol), politics and religion, global trade, etc. It is expected that you will use materials we have read in the course, and materials you have found through your own research.
It is also expected that you will include articles from recent (this spring) newspapers, periodicals,  and websites (make sure it is not exclusively websites) in your research, and that the influence of this will be found in your paper.
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