Expand your Week 5 introductory slides into a full slide set

As you work toward your full slide set, try out the structure described in the link:  A Model for Speaking by Ed Bailey (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.  You’ll need to scroll one screen down to see Bailey’s graphic for an audience-friendly presentation structure. Here’s a full slide set with annotationsPreview the document in bold type within brackets in its Notes spaces. These annotations follow up on the structure that Bailey advocates.  Please view this slide set only in View –> Normal.

For a professional appearance, consult the second document in our Week 6 Module–“A few sets of directions for managing PowerPoint features”.  These directions will help you meet the criteria in the rubric for this writing.

Finally, here are the full slide sets based on the introductions you critiqued last week. You can view them in Slide Show mode to see how people in previous classes have used Animations to make each bullet point “Appear” when they are ready to talk about it. Showing an audience a list one item at a time can keep their attention on the examples and information you’re offering to support the item.

You can view them in “Normal” design “View” to see how designers matched their speaker’s notes to each bullet point on a slide.

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