Genetics and Public Health:

Yet, according to Schneider in the Introduction to Public Health course text, there is controversy over whether significant resources should be spent on genomics for public health purposes versus spending dollars on modifying behaviors that are known to be related to adverse health outcomes.
In preparation for this Discussion, think about the specific ways in which genetic information is and can be used. This may include newborn screening, genetic testing, genetic counseling, workplace screening, tailored medicine, and more.
With this information in mind:
Post by Day 4 your response to the following: (Reminder: Your initial response must be made in a single posting.)
Should significant resources be spent on genomics for public health purposes versus spending on modifying behaviors that are clearly related to adverse health outcomes? Why or why not?
What are some of the ethical, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of genetic information? What are the ways in which public health does or should handle these issues?

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