Good Morning;I need assistance in writing the below DBP.HN300-01: Human Services and Social Policy Unit 4 Discussion Board Question:Theory and PracticeIt is important to understand the theories underlying our work and how they impact our actions in practice. Select one of the theoretical perspectives discussed in Chapter 4 that you believe would be effective in working with clients and respond to the following questions:·         Describe the theory in detail and indicate why you feel it would be effective.·         Using the Kaplan Library and the internet, research the theory you have chosen. Describe some of the basic helping skills that human services workers utilizing this theory would use.·         Next, review and respond to the seven questions about clarifying your values on page 210 of your text:• What values underlie your desire to help others?• What social issues do you feel strongly about?• Which client behaviors would you have trouble accepting?• Which of your values would you like to change?• What would you like to accomplish in human services?• How do you go about solving personal problems?• Do you readily seek help from others when you need it?·         Finally, discuss how these values relate to your choice of the theory under which you will practice and the interventions you choose to utilize with your clients.Thank You


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