herbal history and philosophy

herbal history and philosophy
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Course HLT60112 Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine
Subject Title ADVHMHBP13 Herbal History & Philosophy
Delivery Mode ?Flexible Online ?Face to Face
Unit(s) of Competency HLTHER602D Manage work within the western herbal medicine framework
Title of Assessment Task Written Assignment 2: Short Answer Questions
Date Due Week 12
This assessment requires you to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to work within a western
herbal medicine framework.
Materials and Equipment
You will need the following:
? Textbooks and reference material
? Internet access
? Learning Portal Access
Assessment Details
Type of Assessment: Written Report – Short answer questions
Task Overview: Provide the answers to the four short answer questions outlined below
Presentation: Your submitted assignment MUST include the question number and the actual
text of the question before your answer.
Bullet point lists and tables are acceptable where relevant.
Format: Your submission must be typewritten. Submit 1000 words in total. See each
question for a guide on the word length for each of your answers. Academic
writing style is required. Ensure you follow the guidelines provided in the
Academic Writing Guide found in the Academic Skills section of your Learning
Portal and proof-read your work before submission to avoid typos, spelling and
grammar errors.
Font size and spacing: 11-12 point; 1.5 or double spacing
Referencing: The assignment must be referenced in-text according to the Academic Writing
Guide found in the Academic Skills section of your Learning Portal. The
referencing style required is APA 6th edition.
In addition to your compulsory textbooks, you must refer to at least two (2) full
text medical journal papers or other medical or nursing textbooks. Do not use
texts on complementary and alternative medicine unless they have significant
Written Assessment Task 2 – ADVHMHBP13 Herbal History & Philosophy
pathophysiology and symptomatology content. It is inappropriate to reference
lecture notes and non-academic websites.
Your assignment must include a properly formatted bibliography. For information
on bibliographies consult the Academic Writing Guide, found in the Academic
Skills section of your Learning Portal. If you are not clear on the process of in-text
referencing or including a bibliography, consult the Learning & Academic Skills
support as early as possible.
Note: Please ensure you have reviewed all of the information in the Academic Skills section of your
Learning Portal before submitting your final assessment.
Answer the following short answer questions:
Question 1.
Consider the history of herbal medicine and how it was practiced in the past, compare this to how herbal
medicine is practiced in the present. Include in your answer hygiene, infection control and WHS
Approximately 100 words
Question 2.
List 3 positives and 3 negatives surrounding the Western Herbal practice of adopting herbal medicines from
other traditions (such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine).
Approximately 150 words
Question 3.
A patient who consequently is also a nurse, has been reading some books on naturopathy and herbal
medicine, and notices that “vital force” is a concept mentioned regularly. She asks you to explain the
concept of vital force. You should write your explanation as though you were talking to the patient face to
In your answer make sure you:
? Define vital force
? Define the relationship between vital force/vitalism and the concept of vis medicatrix naturae
? State whether you believe in the concept of vital force and vitalism, and whether you think it is a
valuable concept in modern herbal medicine or not. Provide reasons for your statements.
Approximately 200-250 words
Question 4 (Scenario):
As a herbalist, you have recently started practice within a medical centre. The medical centre includes a
number of different practitioners from different disciplines including conventional medicine general
practitioners, a podiatrist, a counsellor, and an acupuncturist.
Written Assessment Task 2 – ADVHMHBP13 Herbal History & Philosophy
After 3 weeks of being part of the practice, one of the doctors comes to see you as a patient. They are
suffering from chronic sinusitis.
During the consultation you explain to them your treatment objectives and provide them with a herbal
liquid treatment.
One week later the patient emails you for further information about the philosophical underpinning of your
treatment, and how it differs from modern reductionist medical philosophy.
Explain in writing the key aspects of modern herbal philosophy. In your answer ensure you cover the issue
of how herbalists diagnose.
Minimum 500 words
Submission Instructions
The work is to be submitted to the Learning Portal (instructions are provided on the Learning Portal). Please
submit word documents only, unless otherwise advised by your lecturer.
?Ensure you have followed this assignment brief
?Ensure your name and student number is on the assignment (header or footer)
?Ensure the final file name of the document includes the subject name, assessment task title, and
your name and student number.
Assessment Process
? All items must be satisfactorily answered / addressed / completed and submitted, if applicable, in
order for you to achieve a “Satisfactory” outcome for this assessment.
? Please note that this may be one assessment from a range of assessment tasks you will
complete. You must complete all assessment tasks in this subject. Please refer to your subject
outline for information on the other assessment tasks.
? All assessment items and marking sheets will be retained by the college as evidence of your
College Policies and Procedures relating to assessments, and associated forms, are available via
Assessment Instructions Summary
1. Answer the four questions provided and submit in a Word document.

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