Imagine you are the president of a multiracial society, and a major race riot occurs in one of the largest metropolises in your nation. There is burning of buildings, damaging both property and individuals. It is a response to a court ruling where some police officers are acquitted after being tried for what seemed to be very blatant acts of racist police brutality. Although you did not issue an official statement about the officers’ conduct immediately following the incident, because you believed they were “innocent until proven guilty,” you responded with immediate deployment of national guard and public statement condemning the racist violence on the day of the riot. This resulted in some civil rights groups accusing you of being “racist.” The accusation deeply offended you, and you immediately referred to your multiracial family and friendship network in defensive response. You also deflected by directing public attention to the rioters, who you described as being racist by attacking white and Asian owned businesses. (a) Please apply the terms prejudice and racism to this example, striking a clear contrast between each. (b) Discuss any frames and/or semantic moves/rhetorical styles you might be using in your “defensive” speech. (Use at least 2).


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