Personal and Family Finance

Part 1. Financial Statements, Tools, and Budgets

What are your three most important personal values? Give an example of how each of those values might influence your financial plans. 2) What is the biggest budget-related mistake that you have made? What would you do differently now?  3) Areas of financial decision may change over one’s life-cycle. Contrast your own areas of concern with those of your parents/guardians/or grandparents.

Part 2. Managing Checking and Savings Accounts

Survey five of your friends about the following money management behaviors:

a) patterns of monitoring their checking and savings accounts

b) Patterns and amounts of their typical debit and ATM card usage c) Describe how their patterns differ from your own personal behaviors. 2) Most couples do not discuss money issues early in a relationship. Why do you think that is so, and what do you think you will do (or what did you do) should the challenge arise for you?

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