Physical Trainer Interview

Physical Trainer Interview
Mike Doherty
1.What are the assets of a good personal trainer?
Some assets of a good personal trainer is to be outgoing because you have to deal with a lot of different clients and being dedicated due to the amount of hours you have to work.
2.How important is the client and trainer relationship in order to achieving their goals?
The client and trainer relationship is very important because you need to get to know them personally in order to know their social life such as drinking, eating habits etc. This will allow the trainer to build workouts for that certain individual so together they can reach the clients goal.
3.What issues do you reflect on before taking on a new client?
The issues I reflect on are their medical history and injuries. Also prepare to deal with any type of personality a client may have.
4.What elements go into a good first workout with a new client?
The basic elements will build a good foundation during the first workout. This will help to achieve the clients overall goal.
5.What certifications do you have?
PES-performance enhancement specialist. CES-corrective exercise. CPT-certified personal trainer.GFS-golf fitness specialist.
6.How do you keep your fitness training knowledge up to date?
Continuing your educations through workshops and quizzes.
7.What group classes have you taught?
Body props, bar class, boot camp, pilates.
8.What diet and nutrition education have you received?
I took a nutrition class at a community college and got the rest of my education from my certifications.
9.What kind of warm up do you use with your clients?
An active warm up. Consists of squats, walk outs, toe touches, bridges.
10.What evaluations do you have a new client perform?
I have my clients perform and overhead squat, balance and lunge assessments.
11.How important is nutrition to you in creating clients program?
It is very important because they only see me one to three hours out of the week.
12.How do you help each individual client who are at different levels of physical abilityduring a workout class?
I modify their workouts during the workout class. On the go.
13.Was there a time when a client was unhappy with your workout plan? If so how did youhandle the situation?
I have never had a client complain to me.
14.What if a client becomes discouraged during a training session? How do you keep himmotivated?
I try to encourage them as much as possible, I keep them motivated by being their cheerleader.
15.What training program would you offer a client who says the only wants to lose weight?
A more high intensity workout to get their heart rate up, tabata, spin, treadmill or an quick passed exercise.
16.If a client complains about a previous injury, how would you handle that when creating afitness program for them?
I would look into their injury and help create a program that will rehab their injury.
17.How many hours a week would a client need to train with you in order to effectivelyreach their goals?
It depends on their goals, most of the time no more than 3 times with a trainer and once or twice on their own
18.What organization are you certified through?
National Academy of Sports Medicine
19.How long of a workout session do you offer your clients?
A full hour
20.Are you CPR certified?
21.How many years have you been a certified personal trainer?
22.Why did you want to become a personal trainer?
I always have played sports and had a trainer myself, and found a big interest in the field
23.What is your philosophy of training?
Slow before fast and correction before perfection
24.How do you deal with difficult clients?
I either try to deal with them or move them to a different group
25.How did you first become involved in personal training?
I first became involved when I started college as an Athletic Training student.
26.What made you choose being a trainer over other professions?
I enjoy working with people as well as making workouts that fit people needs and desires.
27.Besides losing weight, what have been some reasons people have sought out your help asa trainer?
To be able to move better, to lift more weight, to learn new workouts/enhance their own workouts.
28.Do you have a set schedule or do you make your own?
I make my own schedule.
29.How much can you make potentially a year from being a personal trainer?
At my gym you can make up to 50,000 a year.
30.Can you make commission as a trainer at your gym?
You can make commission only if you sell your client their membership.
31.Do you have to be outgoing and have good communication skills in order to be a personaltrainer?
Yes you have to be very good with dealing with people. They come from all walks of life.
32. Does your gym offer personal trainers a 401k?
33. As a physical trainer, do you receive health and dental care?
34. Do you get the benefit of eyeglass coverage?
Not that I know of.
35. What is the professional culture like at your gym?
All of the trainers work together as a team to reach the same goal. To get our clients as healthy and in shape as possible so they can enjoy their everyday life to the

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