Respond to the following scenario:You are a social advocate for a group of individuals in your community who feel disconnected from the community because of their distinguishing characteristic(s) (e.g., language, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, beliefs) and have experienced discrimination. Members of this group want to use a room at the local community center for a much-needed program (e.g., language classes, an after-school program, a support group, etc). However, the individuals who run the community center, known as The Board, have a reputation of denying proposals from minority groups. As this group’s advocate, you believe that if you can get the two groups together, understanding and an agreement might be reached.You, your group and The Board are now at the meeting your group is going to present their proposal. Your goal is to get the board to feel cognitive dissonance. Explain why you want the Board to experience dissonance. Next, based on your readings, justify the specific activity that you believe will induce these feelings and why you chose this activity.Based on the techniques to relieve dissonance discussed in Chapter 13, explain an activity you will provide at the meeting to help The Board relieve their feelings of dissonance, discuss why your activity will be effective in helping them to relieve their dissonance. Why will relieving the Board’s dissonance be an important part of your meeting with them?Evaluate the ethics of using these compliance strategies and explain your reasoning based on specific ethical guidelines.References from: Perloff, R. M. (2021). The dynamics of persuasion: Communication and attitudes in the 21st century (7th ed.). Routledge.Chapter 12, “Emotional Message Appeals: Fear and Guilt”Chapter 13, “Cognitive Dissonance Theory”


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