Simulated Case Study in Social Gerontology

This is the Simulated Case Study. It is worth 100 points so please be thorough in completing this assignment. Class ends after the Final Exam on Thursday, March 10th, Simulated Case Study: Anita Anita was born in Louisiana in 1915. Anita married Robert as a young woman. She had never lived alone as she married while still living with her parent’s. They eventually had two children, a daughter and a son, and settled down in a small town in Louisiana. Although money was never abundant, they lived a comfortable life. She worked as a secretary prior to retirement at 65 years old. She and her husband traveled and was involved in the community. Later, she was the primary caregiver for her spouse who suffered from emphysema in his later years. She was devastated by the loss and she attended church several times per a week and seem to involve herself in her religion. One day, for no apparent explanation, she withdrew from family and friends and stayed home watching television most of the time. Anita lived alone in her own home but was not able to do much housework. She also continued to drive her car to the grocery store and pharmacy well into her 80s; however, friends expressed concern about her safety due to poor eye sight. She also took medications for heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, and severe vertigo. Her son lived nearby and checked on her regularly, making sure she had her medications and taking care of yard work and other chores. He tried to convince her to sell her house and move to an assisted living facility but she refused. She also refused in-home service and home delivered meals, stating that she preferred to “do for herself” as long as she could. Her daughter rarely visited her mother. Her home was paid off and she finally agreed to sell her house and move in with her son; however, before this was accomplished, she fell while going to get her mail and fractured her hip. Following surgery and physical therapy, she went decided she wanted to stay in her home and not be a burden to her son. She soon developed a kidney disease and has to go to dialysis three times per week. Her social security check barely covers her living expenses and if she develops any further ailments, her medicine will cost more than her check provides. Her memory has become very poor and she is frequently disoriented to time and place. She lives in a neighbor with many college students who show little tolerance for her status as an elderly person. She has accused her son of “taking everything I own” and feels she no longer has a “place”. She remains wheelchair-bound and does not engage in any of the activities that she once enjoyed. ASSIGNMENT The assignment will be e-mailed to me at. Using the information, you have learned from the text, discuss the realities and challenges of the different areas of gerontology gleaned from the text. You should thoroughly discuss the topics. Each component of your case study must have at least 150 words per component (except for the title). This is more words that previously required on forum postings. Read the instructions and follow them very closely. Each section is worth 10 points 1. Public perception of Anita being an older person. 2. Name and discuss a theory or theories that would apply to Anita’s situation 3. Biological and Health Correlations 4. Psychological Changes 5. Family patterns in later life 6. Work, Leisure and Retirement Patterns 7. Living Environments in Later Life 8. Economics Needs 9. Social Services (Chat. 16) 10. Religion (Chat. 17) 1,500 Words Total, Use Headers to clearly define each component!
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