The American Nurses Association (ANA)

Based on my research there are several scales for levels for evidence and no standardization of them (American Nurses Association n.d.). The American Nurses Association (ANA) gives several examples on their website. One example is thefive level model adopted by Johns Hopkins Medicine.Here is an over view of that model:
Level I: Experimental study randomized controlled trial (RCT); systematic review of RCTs with or without meta-analysis
Example: Updates and improvements in ACLSBLSNRP guidelines based on research change the way we deliver high
quality nursing care in advanced life support
Level II: Quasi-experimental study systematic review of a combination of RCTs and quasiexperimental or quasi-experimental
studies only with or without meta-analysis
Example: Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) designation at my hospital has changed the way we support
breastfeeding mothers.
Level III: Non-experimental study systematic review of a combination of RCTs quasi-experimental and non-experimental studies
or non- experimental studies only with or without meta-analysisqualitative study or systematic review with or without a
Example: adoption of a nursing theory by an institution as a framework for supporting andadvancing nursing; in the case of
my hospital Dr. Joanne Duffys Quality Caring Model
Level IV: Opinion of respected authorities and/or nationally recognized expert committees/consensus panels based on scientific
Example: staffing guidelines and position statements developed by AWHONN
Level V: Based on experiential and non-research evidence; includes: Literature reviews Quality improvement program or financial
evaluation case reports opinion of nationally recognized experts(s) based on experiential evidence (Johns Hopkins n.d.)
Example: implementation of an algorithm for appropriate surgical site dressings after a team evaluates product use and
outcomes after a trial period

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