The history of occuptional health and safety laws

The history of occuptional health and safety laws
Your task is to develop a timeline that effectively displays and explains the history of occupational health and safety laws. You should commence from the earliest known records of OHS laws from before the Common Era, through to the early UK history and the industrial revolution, and finish at the modern Australian work health and safety laws and harmonisation.
You may present your timeline in any way you wish as long as it meets the evaluation criteria shown in the marking rubric (see below). Note that marks are awarded for the quality and professionalism of your assignment, so consider using images, photos, and other items to make your timeline presentable.
Note that as a timeline, you are not expected to provide lots of text (as with an essay), but rather use headings, short sentences and images/photos to convey your message. If you are unsure of what a timeline should look like, please utilise Blackboard to ask questions and discuss with your fellow students. (You may also like to do an internet search on timelines to view other examples.)
Also note that your timeline must include in-text references (ie on the timeline) as well as an end-text referencing list.
Evaluation Criteria:
resentation and Creativity (5 marks)
? _Your assignment should be of professional industry standard (ie suitable for use in a workplace setting), with efforts made to make it engaging to your target audience.
? _Your assignment must include an ECU Cover Page, Title Page and Reference List as a minimum.
Content (10 marks)
Your timeline should include:
? _The ancient (ie BCE) and early UK history of Occupational Health and Safety Laws.
? _Significant historical events and industrial disasters that helped to shape current laws.
? _The formation of various international and national bodies (eg WHO, ILO, OSHA etc.) and the historical events that lead to their formation.
? _The history of Australia’s Work Health and Safety laws, including the recent harmonisation process.
Referencing (5 marks)
? _Your assignment must include in-text citations as well as an end-text Reference List.
? _Referencing style must meet ECU’s standards and policies or marks will be deducted. Please follow the ECU Referencing Guide strictly. This includes referencing of Acts, Regulations and other legal documents.
A marking rubric is available on Blackbooard > Assessments > Assessment One, and outlines how marks are allocated. It is recommended that you download this rubric and refer to it when completing your assignment.

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