To practice medicine in most states a physician must complete all of the following except:

1. Understanding the musculoskeletal system and employing a holistic approach describes _________ medicine.
a. alternative
b. allopathic
c. osteopathic
d. homeopathic
2. To practice medicine in most states a physician must complete all of the following except:
a. complete paid on-the-job training.
b. graduate from a formal educational program.
c. pass a licensing exam.
d. serve as a health aide.
3. According to the text all of the following are issues for the medical profession except:
a. quality of care.
b. access to care.
c. managed care.
d. oversupply of physicians.
4. According to the 2007 physician characteristics data approximately _________.
a. 91% are men and 8% are women.
b. 49% are men and 50% are women.
c. 71% are men and 29% are women.
d. 55% are men and 44% are women.
5. Gastroenterologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of _________.
a. diseases and disorders of the stomach and intestine
b. diseases and disorders of the mind
c. acute illness or injury
d. changes in organs tissues and cells
6. Psychiatrists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of _________.
a. diseases and disorders of the stomach and intestine
b. diseases and disorders of the mind
c. changes in organs tissues and cells
d. acute illness or injury
7. Before a surgeon can begin open heart surgery which physician specialist must assure that the
patient doesnt feel anything?
a. Anesthesiologist
b. Cardiovascular physician
c. Radiologist
d. Orthopedist
8. Which nursing professional performs many duties similar to a physician?
a. RN
b. CNA
c. LPN
d. NP
9. RNs can have any of the following as minimal education in order to practice except:
a. certificate.
b. associates degree.
c. bachelor of science.
d. hospital diploma program.
10. The average salary of an RN is _________.
a. $40000
b. $50000
c. $60000
d. $70000
11. Nurse Practice Acts _________.
a. contain the states requirements for practice
b. specify what educational clinical and licensure requirements are necessary to practice in a state
c. are the same in all 50 states
d. are waived in long-term care
12. Medical school tuition and fees have increased by ________% in public schools since 1984.
a. 50
b. 100
c. 133
d. 66
13. Health administration is concerned about all of the following except:
a. patient care.
b. profitability.
c. the local EMS system.
d. marketing.
14. A CT _________.
a. uses radiation to produce images
b. takes a cross-sectional view of a patients body
c. resulted in the passage of the Consumer-Patient Health and Safety Act
d. uses radio waves to produce images
15. Tests using sound waves may be performed by _________.
a. EKG technicians
b. vascular technologists
c. cardiology technologists
d. nuclear medicine technologists
16. Medical technicians usually have a(n) _________.
a. associates degree
b. 1-year certi? cate
c. masters degree
d. bachelors degree
17. Coders would least likely be found in _________.
a. private billing practices
b. government agencies
c. medical clinics
d. occupational therapy
18. Activities of daily living therapy is in the domain of the _________.
a. pharmacist
b. occupational therapist
c. physical therapist
d. speech-language pathologist
19. Which pharmacy professional typically counts tablets and labels bottles?
a. Pharmacy technician
b. Pharmacy aide
c. Pharmacist
d. Pharmacy technologist
20. Which of the following occupations does not require a bachelors degree?
a. Respiratory therapist
b. Occupational therapist
c. Optometrist
d. Recreational therapist
21. The practice of a chiropractor is focused on _________.
a. the spine
b. the foot
c. the eyes
d. the teeth
22. All of the following are true of optometrists except:
a. they provide primary care.
b. they prescribe corrective lenses.
c. they perform eye surgery.
d. they manage macular degeneration.
23. Ultrasonography uses sound waves to generate an image to assess and diagnose medical conditions. The professionals who performs such tests are called __________.
a. imaging technologists
b. nuclear technologists
c. medical sonographers
d. phlebotomists
24. All of the following may be areas of practice for the professional in information technology except:
a. coding of services.
b. risk management.
c. data analysis.
d. website management.
25. Medical transcriptionists can be found in all of the following settings except:
a. hospitals.
b. physicians offices.
c. home businesses.
d. cardiovascular labs.

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