Trust And Mistrust In Healthcare

Trust and Mistrust in Health Care
In a three page essay following APA 6th EDition guidelines, address the following issues.
View the video: “Worlds Apart: Robert Phillips”
“So in the African-American community, you know, Tuskegee is a big part of our experience … particularly for a generation of African-Americans, (it) has colored their behavior when it comes to medicine, right? And that generation just implicitly doesn’t trust doctors … So when I first got diagnosed and we started talking about options, he didn’t really offer a lot…so I prodded him into what the options could be…”
—Robert Phillips
Conduct your own independent research and provide an historical analysis of the events that occurred as part of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.
Discuss the lasting implications of that experience:
What are the different ways you might expect patients to act when they are mistrustful?
In what ways could mistrust affect the ability of patients to get good health care?
How apparent (to the physician) is this mistrust when it is present?
Identify other historical events that may influence a patient’s willingness to trust
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