How to write a Nursing Dissertation

nursing dissertationA dissertation can be defined as a report of a process. It can also be described as a long essay. A thesis compared to a dissertation is more complex because it generates more knowledge in a field, or critics a phenomenon to bring about loopholes in the understanding of the same. Writing a dissertation is the same as coming up with a justification of research. It helps to elaborate the organizational skills of students, in-depth understanding of their chosen topic of research, and beginning insights into research. To write a good dissertation it requires one to incorporate an approach that is systematic. Furthermore, it is important to understand the topic before on embarking on writing a dissertation.

Importance of nursing dissertation

  • You learn to develop details from many sources
  • You learn how to differentiate between description and analysis

You learn to talk about the issues of theory in detail through the use of illustrations

A guide to writing a nursing dissertation

The major points worth paying attention to when writing a dissertation proposal are:

Choose the theme, question and title

It is important to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What issues is your dissertation going to address?
  • Why is it a problem for the academic, research and scientific community you’ll belong to?
  • Why is it necessary for you to look for a solution?
  • How are you going to look for the answers?

Structure of the Dissertation Proposal

The format of the dissertation should be clear, precise and easy to follow:

  • Dissertation title
  • Objectives- have at least three objectives. Avoid being too extensive, this might make your plan look like it lacks focus. Narrow the objectives down for clarity.
  • Literature- in this section ask your facilitator if you need to list references. Additionally, you can list the schools of thought, sources of information and the areas of study you are going to use during the stages of research.
  • Research- expound further the ideas of the research question. Furthermore, the area of research should be outlined.
  • Methodology- discuss the methods incorporated in collecting data for the research. It can either be non-empirical or empirical.
  • Potential outcomes- explain the expected outcome of the research and what you seek to achieve at the end.
  • Timeframe- create a list of how activities will be conducted in all the stages of writing the dissertation within a specified timeframe.
  • List of references- in this section, ask for instructions from the facilitator.

Chapter One

Structure of a nursing dissertation

The structure of the nursing dissertation should be clear and coherent. A good structure helps the writer to remain focused to the topic when writing the dissertation. Besides, you can explain the main justifications in the structure. It is important to have a good structure in the nursing dissertation. The writer should focus on the structure.

Chapter Two

Introduction of the nursing dissertation

Introduce the topic of your dissertation in this part. This is the most important part of your dissertation. Writing an effective introduction to your task is necessary. Good introduction comes with good grades. The introduction should occupy the first lines of your nursing dissertation. Using a clear format while recording patient identification data is necessary. The uniform format is the best point for writing a dissertation paper. Patient identification data should have some point of every record. The time of the report, name and date should be included in each entry.

Additionally, the aims and objectives should be included in the introduction. It is important to have at least one main aim and four supporting objectives. The objectives should be relevant to the aims and be stated.

Chapter Three

Literature Review

The literature review gives a deeper understanding of the subject. It also plays a vital role in identifying the level of knowledge and ends with the identification of the major tips. Notes on the patient’s care should be written in twenty-four hours. The time limit for checking a patient is important. Remaining aim in the literature review is necessary. What you see and listen should be put down only. Giving out the condition of the patient should be avoided. Additionally, avoid copying the sections of literature.

nursing dissertationChapter Four

Methodology in the nursing dissertation

This part explains how you plan to conduct your research. It further discusses the manner in which you located the resources and the methods of execution of the results. A quality dissertation should have the setting, participants, data collection, research questions, and data analysis processes. All the details should be included in the research methodology. It should include all the necessary details related to the health of the patient heard during conversations with the doctors, family members. Furthermore, communication should be designed with question marks. Information that is trivial should not exist in the nursing dissertation. Data that does not relate with the [patient’s immediate care should not include in the nursing dissertation.

Chapter Five

Results in writing a nursing dissertation

This section describes what exist from the study and what the writer thinks needs to be evaluated further. This depicts the intellectual capacity of the writer. It is the most important part of the nursing dissertation. Tables verify the data used in the nursing dissertation.

Chapter Six

Discussion in the nursing dissertation

The writer should begin with giving results arising from the research. Include the findings in the literature review in your discussion and check whether they align or differ from the literature. Furthermore, incorporate fieldwork eh=ethical challenges and findings.


Besides, a short conclusion is necessary after finishing the discussion stage. It provides a highlight of the main points of the nursing dissertation.


Your research paper must include a detailed list of citations in your nursing dissertation. Additionally, check with your facilitator for reference guidelines.


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