Nurses Involvement in Policy Development

nursesFor nurse’s involvement in policy development, being the largest group of medical experts worldwide, registered nurses who perform as managers set to inspire and influence changes in the public health policy and political decision making on state, national and local levels.

Besides, they continue to provide effective clinical care. Registered nurses hold an important role in the healthcare policy, advocacy, analysis, implementation and development. Also, registered nurses hold state, federal and local elected and appointed offices. They work for health care companies, volunteer on committees and boards that oversees the decision-making approach.

Having earned a doctor of nursing practice degree. Also working as nurse managers in the position to make decisions in healthcare system policy influencers. DNP graduates, as an advanced degree holder, they have the knowledge as well as expertise to plan the future of the health care policy.

Nurses are said to own moral and ethical duties to participate in political and policy decision making.

Progressing Roles of Nurses

Traditionally, nurse managers supervised nursing staff in the whole department or single unit. Also, overseeing personnel as well as budgeting processes. Besides, they ensure communication flow between middle-upper management and the staff.

Of late, the duty has extended to include policy process participation on all levels. The U.S agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Health and Human Services explained nurse managers as change agents since they work with management and staff implementing new procedures and policies in micro-units.

To prevent patient harm, nurse managers head their unit staff, empowering nurses to be the leaders in line of defense patient harm.

Nurse managers on a wide scale or macro level positioned to affect policies that impact communities of all sizes and types.

Also, policy-shaping in work that builds performance for healthcare givers. Government institutions, as well as anyone interested in patient well-being and safety.

Additionally, important policy issues for nurses include practicing to the fullest extent of the licensure installing nurses as well as nursing faculty.

Besides, critical policy effects on the high global range include universal healthcare access, majoring on the needs of the elderly a chronic disease treatment.

How Nurses Influence Policy Development

All nurses are encouraged by Catrambone and other health leaders to contribute to some of the listed below tasks that can bring positive changes to the health policy.

  • Check patient needs and formulate policy messages.
  • Investigate opportunities to advance, develop, change and improve health care policies within a certain environment.
  • Boost stakeholder’s relationship to improve policy agendas.
  • Write position statements, white papers, newspapers, editorials and other correspondence that informs lawmakers and public about the needs.
  • Serve on committees, boards and other leadership groups that have decision-making rights.
  • Participation in health care improvement agendas.
  • Look for appointment to top health department boards as well as local government commissions to address the health needs.
  • Policy related activities volunteering involving development meetings.

nursesEducation Role in Policy Changes

As said by the nursing leaders, a key to improving the role of the registered nurses in policy decision making is making use of education. Nurses seeking DNP degree may acquire improved coursework that assists them to understand their duty as policymakers and patient advocates.

Online Doctor of Nursing Practice degree set graduates to deeply analyze set policies from the perspective of health care professionals, patients, and stakeholders, through the Health Care Policy and Finance coursework. DNP graduates are set to educate the lawmakers and the public on the effect of the policy changes but only examine the health care policy issues.

In conclusion, Degree in Nursing Program set graduates to understand leadership roles in policy as well as decision making. This helps to bring an impact on the healthcare system needs across society. Policy development program helps to build an existing skill to give comprehensive education.


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